Help With Dating Site

How is Dumaguete everybody? We need some help creating videos to publicize our Filipina dating site. Also we could use guest articles on the dating advice articles site. We miss you all. Just let me know if you want to help.

Computer Sales, Repair & Services, and Computer Consultation

 If you need help with your computer desktop and laptop troubles & errors, services such as; computer consultation, computer management, computer maintenance, computer tune-up and upgrades, computer diagnoses and virus removal, software installation and updates, you can find an honest, reliable, and trusted computer technicians in our site. We have TESDA certified technicians. You can be sure that your computer is in good hands with our knowledgeable and dependable friendly technicians in the city. Try us to know that we're real and true to our services. 

Better Connectivity

 I'm glad we've had better internet connectivity and fewer power outages the past two weeks.  That was pretty frustrating for a while there.  Although I do notice that my internet ping to L.A. is now 50ms slower.  It looked like our traffic was being routed through Singapore for a while, but right now the traceroute seems to indicate it is not going through singapore - or those hops are being hidden now.  So much for that direct line PLDT put in.

great class!!!!

 Today's class

Yeah! were having our class now at Peter's house. We learn a lot of things about computers.


do you want to have a good mentors? or a unique facilities? Here's the new institution that opens for you!!!
MAXINO COLLEGE offers BS Physics with low fees, superior faculty and have unique facilities. Be part of the college and you will enjoy the benefits that you can get. MAXINO COLLEGE is located at Purok Santol, Bagacay Dumaguete City. It is very strategic and very condusive for learnings. Join us and your creativity and initiativity will be develop...


It is my place where i considered as my dreAMLANd because of its "natatanging ganda". It is a perfect place to relax for a stressful activity that you"ve encountered during the day because of fresh air that you breath. Come and see the peacefullness and beauty of AMLAN.


Today we walked  from the house to maxino college.


  Today is a great day. Surfing to different websites is fun. Creating accounts and knowing its benefits is very interesting. Thanks to Peter Christopher for teaching us for free. He is a good teacher, a very knowledgeable person on computers.

on may 1...

To whom it may concern; that is to everyone
       On may 1, 2009, i was able to attend my first computer class here in Maxino College. It was fun. And it was for free also. It's great here in MAxino College coz' of the teachers, they are all professionals unlike some whom have not even completed their masteral degrees.
In Dumaguete City;

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