Beauty of a True Filipina

"I am proud to be a filipino"

Beauty of a True Filipina


,,,i was great when Mr. Christopher taught us on this website... Obviously,we can post any information,article,whatsoever!!!just like what i did,posting the beauty of a real Filipina...Well, I thankful to Mr. Christopher because we're given a chance to be a part of this website..

It's looks like you took a

It's looks like you took a picture in the beach.  Is'nt it?


,,,no,it's not a looks like rah!!!jejejeje!!!! i took that picture last April in Looc,Giligaon,Siaton Negros Oriental...nangilaw me og Baronghoy!!!!!jejejje,it's just like Beach but it's not!!!!there's a lot of Panagatan!!!it's like Boracay but we can't swim bacause it's scaring...jejejejeje....


....Charness,, ! magpacute gd d i!! hehehe