Internet Standstill

Well, we've had a few days here in Dumaguete of terrible internet connections.  Smart and Globe have both been very slow or totally broken.  According to this is due to a recent fiber cut due to bad weather, although on second thought they don't really know what the cause is after all.
Unfortunately, this is what communication is like from the Philippines.  There isn't enough infrastructure, and there won't be.  There isn't enough talent in managing the existing infrastructure, and there won't be.  It is pretty cheap - 1000p for either smart or globe - and usually they have different downtimes (about 10% downtime each - we have both!) - but sometimes they are both down, and there's nothing you can do about it.
It's frustrating, but it's not going to change anytime soon.  The bandwith used by an increasingly bandwidth-intensive internet are going to keep users in moderately-well-connected countries like the Philippines operating at a standard that does not match that of Korea, Japan, Europe, etc.

even the Wall Street Journal

Even the WSJ has an article on the incident: